Anyone with the desire can learn to draw or to paint.   I sell 18 values of Tinted Bonded Marble to create paintings from black and white photographs as shown below.  A small set of 1.5 oz. jars in 18 values can be purchased for $100 plus shipping.  A small set will paint 15 or 20 paintings.  Please email me at to arrainge purchase and delivery of your set.  I will include instructions and a pattern for your first painting.  I can also offer web-based training so you can paint at home anywhere in the courntry.           Use this link to download a free software package that works like Photoshop.

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Anyone with the desire can learn to draw or to paint. 

Custom Art Classes can be designed for individuals or groups.  The cost per adult  is $250.00 per 12 hours.  All materials are included for the first class, we will supply a set of images for you to choose from.  Classes can be scheduled on weekends or evenings.  919-349-2450

Step-by-step Verdaccio underpainting using bonded marble.

Art Classes are held at Cary Fine Arts Studios, 103 Nottingham Drive.  Learn to paint like the Old Masters.  Painting or Drawing Classes Available

 To find a work by an Old Master, check out ArtRenewal's website and select Museum.  You can search by artist or title. 

The largest on-line Museum on the internet. A work in progress, steadily expanding with thousands of high quality images of the greatest paintings and sculpture in history, the Art Renewal Center is building an encyclopedic collection of essays, biographies and articles by top scholars in the field.  

ARC is the Eye of the Storm, at the core, hub and center of a major cultural shift in the art world. With a growing body of experts, they are setting standards to become ARC Approved™ for artists and  systems of training, museum exhibitions and historical scholarship, to bring guidance, direction, goals and reality to an art establishment that has been sailing rudderless for nearly a hundred years.  

Additionally, the Art Renewal Center is a non-profit educational organization committed to reviving standards of craftsmanship and excellence. Only by gaining a full command of the skills of the past masters can we create the masters of tomorrow.