We offer on-line training through email.  You purchase a set of Tinted-Gesso for $115.00 plus shipping and we will send you step-by-step instructions on creating your first Classical Academic Art painting of the "Dreaded Apple".  You will use the Tinted-Gesso in Verdaccio to create a 9 value underpainting.  Then you will choose complementary colors from a chart and info sheet that we send you to complete your first painting.  You will purchase your own supplies, oil paint and brushes, and we will provide you with a list of supplies that you can purchase locally or on-line through Jerry's Artarama.  We will also provide you with coupons for Michael's to help offset the cost of producing art.  You will only need to purchase a small amount of paint to start with, as our  method does not require a lot of materials. 

If you want to continue working with us, the fee will be set up per painting.  We will supply you with images to print and paint, or you can email us an image you would like to work on.  We will create a pattern for you to follow with instructions.  As you complete each step, you can email us a .jpg file of your work, that we can use to guide you on the corrections or next steps.

If you want to get your work in a gallery, you need a body of work of at least 25-30 paintings.  This allows a gallery owner to see your level of ability and the scope of your work.  If you want to enter your work in Art competitions, you can use our images as they are from our own models in our studio.  We can provide you with guidelines for taking your own photos to paint from, that will help you achieve a higher quality image and composition for painting.  Not all photographs make great paintings, but we can help you select the best images to paint.  As you learn more about the elements of Classical Academic Art, your photography will also improve.

The price per image will be determined by the complexity and size of the painting. 

$50  Small paintings 8x10 - 11x14 are the best way to create a body of work, and a way to have plenty of space to hang your work.  Small paintings are also great as gifts, art auction donations, and studies.

$75  Medium paintings 12x18 - 16x20  Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, etc.

$100 large paintings 18x24 and up.  Any subject matter.

We use Paypal for on-line payments.