Adults meet Thur. between 5:30 and 8:00.  $40 per class

First you will paint a Tinted-Gesso, Verdaccio underpainting of the "Dreaded Apple". This helps you establish your shapes and values. The next stage is to glaze oil color over the background and apple using complimentary colors. The time for this process varies from student to student and from portrait to portrait. Adults also create one tight painting then one loose or cheezy painting. This process helps to achieve instant gratification as well as create significant art. Students learn color harmony and composition, as well as set up photo shoots for the future paintings. The goal is to obtain at least 5 of the 8 elements of good design to achieve significant art, that is pleasing, decorative, unified, and museum quality. Twice a year, we do a museum class to show all the important artists represented in our NC Museum of Art, and we will show you how the Old Masters used the same methods as we do to create their lasting beautiful paintings. Our objective is to help you create Significant Art that will be enjoyed for centuries.

Completed paintings and Paintings under-construction.  Busy professionals can find a relaxing outlet, that lets them relax and unwind.

Classical Academic Art classes will help you learn to reproduce images of people, places, or things.  

 Even if you want to incorporate impressionist styles into your realistic paintings, you will begin to see your work evolve into a more realistic three-dimensional painting. 

 Adults:  $40 per class.  You provide the 8x10 canvas, and I will supply the materials.        For paintings larger than 8x10, adults provide their own materials, but I provide everything you need for your first painting, then you will need to purchase the Tinted-Gesso for $100, and oil colors as you need it.    Cash only.