Art Classes for beginners and advanced adults.  Learn to paint Classical Academic Style paintings, portraits, and still lifes.  Learn to paint Verdaccio Underpaintings with Tinted Bonded Marble and learn to super-impose colored oils over your underpainting as they did in the Renaissance.  Learn paint history, art history, color application, and Fibonacci's Golden Mean Ratio for Composition.  Learn to create significant art.   

Adults can schedule classes Thur. 5:30-8:00.  Reservations are required.   $40 per class.  The first project is an Apple to learn how to paint a 3D object with a light source.   After your first painting, you will need to supply your own canvas.

Ages 9-12 can schedule  2 hours on  Sat. between 1-4pm.   ,

Ages 13 - 18, Friday 6-9pm (Teen Night Club) with prior approval.  This is designed for students serious about building their professional portfolio, or commissions.   Classes are $200 for 6 sessions..  Classes must be used within 7 weeks of starting.  $250 for 8 sessions, and must be used within 9 weeks of starting.    I supply everything they need for their first painting, then they will just need to bring their own 8x10 canvas and I will supply the materials they need in the studio.  They can purchase their own set of Tinted-Gesso ($100) to use at home between classes.

Student work can be seen at Rey's Restaurant in the Front Gallery.